Honor Band/Concert Band Auditions Set 2

The music found on this page will be used for 1st Round All-State (CODA) auditions, as well as the two ENHS Concert Band auditions. Please check the cuts of music for the concert band auditions, as you will not play the entire etude in most cases. There are two different auditions for all students grade 9-12. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the 9th grade CODA audition materials.

Audition Dates

ENHS Concert Band Audition #1: Recordings due by Wednesday, September 19

ENHS Concert Band LIVE Audition #2: October 24-26 (Results posted Friday, November 2)

CODA/1st Round All-State: Saturday, November 3


10th-12th Grade Audition Materials


9th Grade Audition Materials