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Welcome to the Edmond North High School Band! Whether you are a student, parent, or someone just checking out our program, we hope you find everything you need.

If you have any questions about our band program, click here to contact the head director.

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What does a typical year in band look like?

The band year starts with the marching band season, which breaks down to:

  • End of June - July 4th: A few light rehearsals leading up to marching in the Edmond LibertyFest Fourth of July Parade
  • End of July - August: Two-week band camp (Monday-Friday)
  • Beginning of school - end of October: Marching band season includes daily, early morning rehearsals, 1-2 evening rehearsals, performances at all home football games and one away game, and 3-4 marching band contests that occur on Saturdays.

Concert band season begins the week after marching band season ends (November-May):

  • Honor Band auditions in November and December
  • Winter Concert in December
  • Solo & Ensemble Contests in March and April
  • Concert Band Contest in April
  • Spring Concert in May

Click here to view the official ENHS Band Calendar.

Do I have to participate in marching band AND concert band?

Yes. The ENHS Band Program is a full-year, comprehensive band program. While we recognize that marching band is a new and sometimes intimidating experience for incoming freshmen, the directors and student leaders take steps to ease the transition through various activities throughout the 8th grade year, summer, and into the 9th grade year.

Similarly, concert band is the core of our band program, and the foundation upon which all other band activities are built. Therefore, both the marching band and concert band experiences work together to create a high quality music education.

Are summer band activities and rehearsals required?

The Edmond North band proudly performs in the Edmond LibertyFest Fourth of July Parade each summer and there are a number of summer rehearsals in addition to the parade itself to prepare for the performance. Please plan to participate in all rehearsals and the parade. If you have a summer conflict with any or all of these dates contact Mr. Mangus to excuse the absences.

Band camp begins two or three weeks before the beginning of school each year and is in place to prepare for the fall marching band season. The band will practice from 7am-4pm with a lunch break most days. These rehearsals prepare students for the demands of marching band and begin the long process of learning that year’s marching band show. Please check the ENHS Band calendar and plan in advance so that students are in attendance at all of these rehearsals.

What performance groups are available in the band program?

How and when do I check out a school-owned instrument?

Students who play a secondary concert or marching instrument (i.e. oboe, bassoon, French horn, baritone, etc.) can check out an instrument from ENHS after they have turned in their middle school instrument. This usually happens at the end of the school year. E-mail the head director to request a time to check out an instrument.

How and when do I check out a uniform?

Marching band uniforms are checked out during summer band camp and are provided at no extra cost. Concert band uniforms are checked out in November. Men are checked out a tux jacket and pants at no extra cost, but must provide a white tux shirt, black bow tie, black dress socks and black dress shoes. Women are checked out a black concert dress and must provide black dress shoes.

If my child is a Color Guard member, what are the uniform requirements?


What are the costs involved with the band program?

We want to ensure that every student has the best band experience possible. Our staff works to find a variety of opportunities to set each student up for success. In order to accomplish these goals, Edmond North High School Band assesses a Band Activity Cost (BAC) to every student in the band program.

Woodwind and Brass players - $300

Percussion and Color Guard - $375

These fees can be paid in one lump sum or in three equal payments, according to the following schedule:

  1. May (date TBA) - $100/$125
  2. August 1 - $100/$125
  3. September 1 - $100/$125

There are also required "casual" uniforms and marching band uniform accessory items that are worn under the marching band uniform. These items are purchased through the Edmond North Band Boosters and can be ordered near the end of the school year. These items include:

  • ENHS Band polo shirt and white baseball hat (casual uniform)
  • ENHS Band gray Dry-fit shirt and navy athletic shorts (worn under marching uniform)
  • Marching shoes and black marching band gloves (designed specifically for marching activity)

Is financial aid available?

The Edmond North Band Boosters have set up a fund to assist students who want to participate in Band or Color Guard, but may not be able to pay the BAC Fees. Contact the ENBB Treasurer for the application form, which will be evaluated confidentially by a committee comprised of the Band Director, the ENBB President and the ENBB Treasurer.

Are there fundraising opportunities?

Yes! There are multiple opportunities throughout the year to fund raise for individual student accounts that can help offset the cost of BAC's, uniform items, and band trips. There are other fund raising opportunities for both the ENHS Band Program and the Edmond North Band Boosters.

Click here to see a schedule of fundraising activities.

Are fundraisers required for all students?

No, but they are necessary to meet the remainder of the band costs that are not covered by the Band Activity Costs. Participating in a fundraiser is one of the requirements for a student to earn a letter in band.

What does it mean to "letter" in band?

Lettering in band is a distinction given to band students that go above and beyond the normal expectations of a band student. There is a formal process to evaluate the student in the spring of each year. The process rewards students for performing, auditioning, and serving the band at the highest level. Please consult the Band Lettering Form under the "Forms" tab to find out more information about this honor.

What is the relationship between the ENHS Band and Edmond North Band Boosters?

The Edmond North Band Boosters is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt charitable corporation whose purpose is to support the ENHS Band and Guard programs. ENHS and ENBB are separate entities which are bridged via the Band Director who runs the ENHS Band Program, and is a member of the ENBB Board of Directors. The ENBB supports the band program by fund raising to cover band expenses, communicating band activities, and serving as a vehicle for parent participation.

How can parents participate in the band program?

The ENHS Band is a large production and parent involvement is needed to make the season successful. Parents can actively participate by:

  • Providing constant encouragement and support for your child and their growth as a musician
  • Participating in the Big Blast, Battle of the Bands and other fund raising activities
  • Serving meals during Band Camp and marching contests
  • Chaperone at football games and serve as a bus monitor at contests
  • Helping to move marching band equipment during football games and contest performances
  • Constructing various props for the marching band program, as necessary

How can I receive information throughout the year?

The ENHS Band Program values the importance of consistent and effective communication. Throughout the year, you can and will receive information via the following platforms:

  • ENHS Band Website "News" page
  • ENHS Band Director weekly E-mail newsletter
  • Official ENHS Band social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram - coming soon)

The Band Boosters will also communicate information to parents via:

  • E-mail (click here to request to be signed up for the ENBB e-mail group)
  • ENBB Closed Facebook Page (requests to join the group are verified before someone is accepted)
  • CHARMS Account (click here to learn more about CHARMS)
  • Band Booster Meetings

In order to prepare for the upcoming band year, and answer any questions that students and parents may have, the band directors and band boosters host information meetings toward the end of the school year. Check the calendar for specific dates and times for these meetings.

What are the benefits of joining the band boosters?

The Band Booster organization is a vital component of the Edmond North Band Program and the band could not succeed without them. From assisting on trips, to taking care of uniforms, to a hundred different other ways, the parents of Edmond North ensure the success of our students. For more information about joining the Edmond North Band Boosters, click here to e-mail your request, or plan to come to the next meeting. We want and need each and every family to be a member of our Edmond North Band Family.